3 Next Generation Glucose Monitoring Products for Diabetes Patients

Here is a preliminary list of 3 Next Generation Glucose Monitoring Products. Please comment away if I have missed any & will update this post.



GlySens Incorporated is a privately held corporation devoted to developing the world’s first truly long term continuous glucose monitoring system, inte


Places with Highest & Lowest Proportion of Divorced People Near Houston

Top Places within 50 Miles of Houston, TX that have the highest number of divorcees as a percentage of population (based on Census data)

Place NamePercentage of divorced people
Sandy Point22.55


Companies Recruiting the Most in Detroit

A list compiled from job board listings hiring for Detroit, Michigan positions

CompanyNo. of OpeningsLocations
Cimarron 180 Detroit\ Dearborn\ Grosse Pointe\ Warren\ Hamtramck


Open SDN projects in python

Python is the simplest to learn among languages that matter the most to Software defined networking.


Here is the list of SDN related projects written in python or the ones in which python can be used to program the behaviour.



NOX was the first OpenFlow controller. It was initially


Occupations that Pay the Most in South Carolina

Data from Bureau of Labor Statistics
Occupation Employment Employment / 1000 Jobs Average Annual Wage
Obstetricians and Gynecologists


Zip Codes With Cheapest & Most Expensive Property Prices near Austin

We analysed Census data to find the Zip Codes with cheapest and most expensive property prices around Austin.

Top 20 Zip Codes with most expensive property prices within 50 miles of Austin, TX.

Zip Code


Top 20 zipcodes with highest and lowest rental yields around Chicago

Top 20 Zip Codes with highest rental yields within 50 miles of Chicago (from Census data)

Place NameMonthly rent($)Median value of house($)Rental Yield (%)
46409 (Gary)835


Most Educated and Least Educated Zip Codes Near San Jose

Top Zip Codes with most educated population (based on Census data)

Zip CodePercentage of people with at least college education
94304 (Palo Alto)95.15
94708 (Kensington)


Top 20 places near Phoenix with highest concentration of singles

Some numbers (based on Census data) which show places with the highest concentration of singles! The data is ordered by the largest highest ratio of singles between 20 to 49 years. Top 20 Places near Phoenix, Arizona with Highest Concentration of Male Singles Per Female SingleNumber of single men for every single


Youngest & Oldest Zip Codes Near San Diego

Top 20 Zip Codes near San Diego which have the highest proportion of people <35 Years.

Zip CodeNumber of people below the age of 35 People <35 Years as a % of Total Population
92113 (San Diego)


Most and Least Single Zipcodes Around Chicago

Top zipcodes around 50 miles of Chicago with the most single people.

ZipcodePercentage of people single Percentage of males singlePercentage of females single
60621 (Chicago)81.38


Richest and Poorest Zip Codes Near Jacksonville

Top 20 Richest Zip Codes within 50 miles of Jacksonville, Florida (based on Census data).

Zip CodeMedian Household Income ($)
32259 (Jacksonville) 98,342
32082 (PonteVedraBeac) 90,000


Zip Codes with Most & Least Poverty Near San Antonio

Zip Codes around 50 miles of San Antonio with highest poverty levels ( Data from the census )

Zip CodePercentage of people with income below poverty levels
78203 (San Antonio)44.09


Racial Diversity Statistics of Places Near Dallas

We analyzed data from Census to come up with race & diversity statistics of Places within 50 miles of Dallas.

Places with highest concentration of people belonging to a single race.



Places near Philadelphia with the Highest & Lowest Percentage of Married People

Top places within 50 mile radius of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with highest proportion of married people

Place NamePercentage of people married
Lower Augusta76.57